Pelican and PelicantMeet Sarah Froeber

Sarah Froeber has written the scripts for a number of musicals and non-musicals. Each play is intended to empower young children by examining social and emotional issues that confront them. And each play is intended to be a LOT OF FUN!


"Samuel and the Wishards":
Samuel wants very badly to reunite his divorced parents. With the help of the preposterous Wishards, he attempts to do so in some very peculiar ways. Filled with mime, clowning and delightful antics, this play explores and extols different types of families.

"The Prince Who Was Afraid of Peanut Butter":
The prince is about to be crowned king of a land in which no one is allowed to be afraid. But the prince himself is afraid. Of lots of things. Even peanut butter. Through the course of this rollicking play, the prince and his countrymen learn coping mechanisms for dealing with fear-provoking situations.


"Blackbeard's Blunder" with music by Joy Wegner:
In this fanciful rendition of the legend of the famous pirate, Blackbeard learns that gold is not the most important thing in the world. Teaching him the value of love and friendship is a cast of hilarious shipmates including a sassy cat, two karate-kicking rats, and a garrulous parrot.

"Dolphins and Grolphins and the Keys to Success"
"Lovely, Lovely Lily Pad"
"The Lightkeepers":
Commissioned by elementary schools to be included in character education curricula, these three works are very short, very entertaining, and very educational. They can be presented as plays or puppet shows.

"Getting Help: A Musical Help after the Storm" with music by Ed Butler:
Written in response to the devastation caused by a hurricane in North Carolina, this short musical was performed for many who were affected by the storm. In the play, a young box turtle and her mother learn to ask for and receive help from a swaggering, cowboy-hat-wearing egret named Get, and Get gets some new friends.

"Melvin the Pelican" with music by Mike Hamer and lyric contribution by Sheila Kerrigan:
Available from Dramatic Publishing, this musical story of an immigrant pelican who is despised for being different is an extremely touching exploration of prejudice and the true worth of diversity.

"Spiders on Strike" with music by Mike Hamer, Ed Butler, and Thomas King:
With inventive puppetry and rollicking musical numbers, this exceptional theatrical work examines ways of increasing respect for and appreciation of others. The orb-weaving spiders and the jumping spiders have many misconceptions about one another, and they are both despised by the humans. With combined and concerted effort, however, the spiders dispel the misconceptions and are honored as they deserve.

"The Absolute, Complete, Definite Explanation of What Happened to the Lost Colony" with music by Joy Wegner:
A student has the assignment to write a paper on the fate of the Lost Colony. But what did happen to the Lost Colony? Aided in her investigation by her dog Pal and by a chorus of rowdy Answerers, Explainers, and Figure Outers, she learns problem solving techniques and the appropriateness of admitting, "I don't know".

"The Great Nut Hunt" with music by Mike Hamer:
In a fun-filled and winsome theater piece, the Squirrels and the Bobcats compete for first prize in the annual Great Nut Hunt. It seems as if the Squirrels will win their first trophy ever. Their star team member, however, is faced with the dilemma of whether to give the nuts she has gathered to some hungry animals or dedicate them to the team effort. What will she decide? What truly constitutes winning?

"Wheelchair Dancer" with music by Mike Hamer and lyric contribution by Donna Gulick:
Young Amy Holloway has been dancing as long as she can remember, and she does not believe that using a wheelchair as a result of a spinal injury should stop her. The beautiful, inspiring "Wheelchair Dancer", performed by the Jelly Educational Theater with three cast members in their own wheelchairs, explores the concept of "disability" and the pursuit of dreams. It was selected as one of the ten best plays produced in the area during 1999 by the Chapel Hill Newspaper, and it is being enacted in Athens, Greece in celebration of the Paralympics from October 2004 - February 2005.

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