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Sarah Froeber

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Sarah Froeber loves children. She loves to teach them, read to them and write for them. "Pelican and Pelicant" is her first book, but the author has worked with and for children for the past 35 years. With a masters degree in child psychology, Sarah did research on patterns of parenting, directed two demonstration day care centers, and taught child development classes in high schools and community colleges. A trained actress, she co-founded and served as artistic director and resident playwright of the award winning Jelly Educational Theater. Sarah herself was named to "Who's Who in America" in 2002 for her work on behalf of young people. With both her plays and her book, Sarah has intended to empower children and their caregivers by confronting emotional and social issues of concern to them. A portion of the after tax profits from the sale of "Pelican and Pelicant" will be donated to the Jelly Foundation she created to "sweeten the lives of children".

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