Pelican and Pelicant

"Our State", volume 72, number 5 (october 2004)

"Prepare to be charmed by this delightful tale of two seabirds: one bold, one bashful. Lighthouse lovers will spot a familiar favorite in the scenes of the pelicans' home, brightly rendered in Mosher's exuberant illustrations."

The Midwest Book Review

"Splendidly written by Sarah Froeber, "Pelican and Pelicant" is the thoroughly entertaining story of two bird friends: Pelican, who has an outgoing attitude, and Pelicant, who is nervous and shy. Yet despite their disparate personalities they share a lasting bond of friendship, and enjoy trying new and exciting things together. Whimsical color illustrations by Kim Mosher add a fun-filled touch to this endearing and highly recommended picture book story."

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