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Kim Mosher

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The magnificent Outer Banks are a wonderful place to live if you happen to be an artist. The constantly changing colors and the abundant wildlife are the perfect templates for the artistic mind. Kim Mosher discovered this back in 1985 while visiting with her photography class from VCU. Shortly after graduating with a degree in Communication Arts and Design, and working as a photographer at ODU, she made Hatteras Island her home.

The history and heritage of this Island have always been centered on fishing. Kim was inspired to sketch many of the inshore fish in their natural habitat. Eventually, the colored pencil became her tool of choice. The fine point allows her to achieve superior detail which has become this artists' trademark. Fine lines mean lots of time. Many of her originals have taken over five hundred hours to complete! Over the last several years, Kim has made her art available through limited edition prints, tiles, and fabrics. Her children's book, "Pelican and Pelicant", is inspired by this magical land so far out in the ocean.

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